MDS Forum Advertising

MDS is largest internet community for gun enthusiasts, who reside in and around the great state of Maryland.

With our basic gun rights being attacked on a daily basis, MDS is a safe haven for gun rights enthusiasts to discuss their passions. The over 21,000 members of the MDS community are very active discussing a wide range of gun related topics compared to other forums. It is our desire to keep the forum with advertising that is unique and only available to site sponsors. That means no ad networks to compete with.

We have some Great Discussion areas for our Members, such as:
Industry Partners
Gun Politics
Classifieds and many, many more.

Important Stats:
1400+ posts per day
18,000+ email subscribers
Over 2.3 MILLION pageviews per month (based on annual average)
Over 7,000 Facebook followers

35 – 65+ years old core male demographic
26% have $100k+ HHI

Gun/Outdoor Gear Spending:
over 47% of Americans own a gun
$7 billion total audiences projected spending

We Offer 1 Advertising Option:

Industry Partners:
Your user account will be noted that you are a supporting vendor.
You get your own forum to strike up conversations with our members. The Industry Partner forum is one of our most active forums on within the community.
You have access to post as a vendor within our forum, post events, links to sale items on your site and so on.
We list you on our Supporting Vendors page.
Your business is listed on out Industry Partner Google Map