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TexasGunTalk.com is the largest internet community for gun enthusiasts, who reside in the great state of Texas. The community features a large forum where more than 32,000 firearm enthusiasts gather to discuss their most cherished weapons, accessories, and all things gun-related.

5,500+ posts per week
19,000+ email subscribers
600,000 pageviews per month (based on annual average)
We run the Texas Gun Owners Facebook group with over 22,000 members
Over 95,000 Facebook followers

Full Banner Advertising

Called an Industry Partner. This one-year Advertising membership includes:
– 2 Top Above the Fold Rotating banner Ad spots. 728×90 under the navbar and 300×250 in the first post.
– Custom Industry Partner Plaque Under username.
– We Will Create Your Own Forum.
– Increased PM Storage.
– Display Business Links and Graphics in your Signature.
– Posts Made on the Forum are Displayed in our Weekly Newsletter.
– Posts Made on the Forum Displayed on Facebook and the 22k plus member Facebook TX Gun Group
– Thank you for the support!

Donation for the Industry Partner Ad is $400 / year  Once logged in you can signup here: https://texasguntalk.com/account/upgrades

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